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I'll be posting news of the Brewery and giving you some advanced information about the beers I'll be brewing. And letting you know when (and where) they're being sold.

I'll also suggest what food these beers might accompany, just as we do for wines. Yes, beers can be matched to food, not just drunk to slake a thirst.

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All bottled

The beer next beer is ...Posted by Richard Marshall 16 Dec, 2013 16:29:01
'Wassail' is now all bottled up. 166 bottles in all - the most I've ever made in one batch. Have kept a little for tasting but hope to have it ready for sale by the end of the week. I've resurrected a warm box, originally made by my late father-in-law for wine-making, and I'm using this to hold the beer at about 15 degrees whilst it matures and conditions.

I've also spent a while trying to finalise the label. Having changed the name, I needed a picture to go just under it and I've found a nice line drawing of a Saxon king with his entourage, probably returning from a campaign and ready to feast in his Great Hall. There he'd host feasting and drinking and much conviviality. I hope you will enjoy this beer with good company. 'Wassail!'

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Posted by Katy 20 Jan, 2014 11:29:46

We bought 4 of these from the local shop for Christmas and enjoyed it so much we went back and bought up the last remaning stock for new year! Can't wait to try the next one :-)

Posted by Dave Airey 06 Jan, 2014 17:08:09

Wassail is lovely !! And what a treat to find it's made in the village. Keep up the good work !!