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New beer comingThe beer next beer is ...

Posted by Richard Marshall 29 May, 2015 14:04:57

Look out for our new beer 'Ambling Home', an amber ale made with Maris Otter pale malt, crystal malt and lager malt and Willamette hops. It has a lovely amber-red colour and unique flavour. Coming soon to a shop near you.

New labelsBrewery news

Posted by Richard Marshall 29 May, 2015 14:02:39

We've updated our labels with a new design that has great impact but keeps the essential elements of the originals -Blog image

January 2015Brewery news

Posted by Richard Marshall 29 Jan, 2015 15:16:23

Well January is a bit quiet. Sales are very slow. I guess everyone is holding back after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. One bright spot - we've just delivered our first FOUR CASK delivery to The Lamb, Holloway Road, London. This is their bespoke special bitter 'Pilgrim's Progress'. Made with Pilgrim and Progress hops, it has a lovely rounded flavour with a good level of bitterness that makes it satisfying to drink.

Just about to start the next batch of Grimsbury Castle. I'm finding that this beer matures into something special after about one month in the bottle. The flavours seem to blend together and make it even more desirable.

If any local pub would like to try a cask, or two, of one of our beers, drop me a line or call and we can discuss possibilities. We can consider a special brewed just for you if that's what you'd like.

Gift BoxesOn sale now

Posted by Richard Marshall 17 Nov, 2014 13:38:55

We had a great time at Hampstead Norreys Community Shop last Saturday - 15th.


We now have 3-bottle gift boxes, which were on sale at the Shop for the first time. Order through the usual outlets or contact the Brewery.
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New outletBrewery news

Posted by Richard Marshall 05 Sep, 2014 16:08:23

We are pleased to announce that our ales are now on sale at Q Gardens, Milton Hill, Steventon. Their web page is:

Hops everywhere!Brewery news

Posted by Richard Marshall 13 Aug, 2014 17:26:04

Just received my first 'big' consignment of hops - 9 different varieties of 5 kg each. That will keep me going for a while. But they're so much cheaper bought like this.

Barbecue? Party? On sale now

Posted by Richard Marshall 22 Jul, 2014 16:46:52

If you're having a barbecue, a party or just want a refreshing beer, then try our latest - Jubilee. On sale in Cold Ash PO, Hermitage PO and Peach's Stores, Upper Bucklebury.

Only two weeks to goThe beer next beer is ...

Posted by Richard Marshall 01 Jul, 2014 12:16:26

The next new beer from Hermitage Brewery is 'Jubilee'. This is a light, summer ale. You could call it a Berkshire Lager. Brewed for summertime drinking with lager malt and continental hops, we've used a Belgian yeast to ferment it. It was first on sale at the Regimental open day at the Denison Barracks but now it's in bottles and we're just waiting for it to reach the right condition before releasing it. Look for it in the usual outlets.